TGA Student Game Projects

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The Game Assembly student games I worked on. 8-10 half work weeks each, teams of 10-14 people (Artists, Level Designers & Programmers). I did various tasks:
sketches, modeling and texturing characters and environments, rigging and animation, trailers.

Game: The Ridge
- modular environment kit design, modeling and base textures (2/4 levels)
- prop modeling&texturing (2/4 levels). ending hero submarine model and UVs
- all FPS animations. design, modeling, texturing of both weapons

Emil lindfors ridgeassets

The Ridge | Assets

Emil lindfors ridgestructuralassets

The Ridge | Assets

Emil lindfors ridgescreenshot1

The Ridge | In-game

Emil lindfors ridgescreenshot2

The Ridge | In-game

Game: The Curse of Tugarin
- main character animations
- grunt enemy modeling, uvs, base textures, rigging, animations
- payload modeling and texturing
- some prop modeling, propping, particle effects

Game: I Am Ledger
- modeling of some environment pieces, prop and enemies

Game: The Punchess
- environment modeling, texturing (not all)
- some character modeling
- rigging and animating two characters
- trailer

Game: Das Roboterfabrik
- modeling, texturing and animation of some enemies
- parts of GUI, logos
- trailer

Game: Cakewalk
- rigging and animation of all characters, rendering out spritesheets
- some modeling of props and characters