Cocoa VFX & Post - Part III
Emil lindfors mou3

HSL // Osta iisimmin.
Contribution: Mountain backdrop @0:20-0:30 -- matte painting, compositing. Cleanup: Jonas Bohman. Tracking: Henri Laurikka. Grade: Joni Kuusisto.

Emil lindfors mou2

Beside matte painting and regular comp like masking/roto/defocus and such, I was also tasked with slowing down his blink --- fun times!

Emil lindfors mou1

Left: After matte painting & comp // Right: Original footage

HSL // Full film

Emil lindfors ferra1

Ferratum // Sitä ennen...
Contribution: Animation, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing. In close collaboration with Ville Nevalainen. Additional help: Arttu Rautio, Jonas Bohman. Grade: Joni Kuusisto.

Emil lindfors ferra2

We needed to create several looks for the car undergoing restoration ...

Emil lindfors ferra3

... such as the sanded car ready for base paint ...

Emil lindfors ferra4

... and the rusty & decayed nugget of a vehicle that had been lost in a garage somewhere.

Ferratum // Full film

I'm currently employed at Cocoa (, working as a part of the post production & visual effects team AKA Cocoa Studio ( A lot of what I do there is invisible cleanup and animation work, but there have been some more visible tasks as well!