Freelance 3D & VFX Artist and Software Developer. Wide technical and artistic background and work history in Computer Graphics and Visual Effects.

Interested and knowledgeable in software development, rendering technology and shaders (realtime & offline), optimization, UI/UX design, visual effects and compositing, 3D modeling, animation, camera technology, image editing and anything else polygon or pixel related.

Graduated as BSc Computer Science from Aalto University and as Game Artist from The Game Assembly. From Helsinki, Finland. Lived for some time in Germany, Spain & Sweden. Experienced in working together locally and remotely.

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Email: emil@emillindfors.com



A man of many interests --- a rough timeline depicting their evolution over time.

2023: software engineering, web technologies, machine learning, AI image generation & editing

2022: software engineering, iOS, web technologies, 360 VR virtual tours, AI image generation & editing

2021: XR sports, AR, iOS, software engineering, video/photo work

2020: Mocap, on-set video/photo work, video/photo edit, AR, iOS, software engineering

2019: Cine & DSLR cameras, grip & lighting, video/photo edit, software engineering, webdev

2018: VFX, compositing, motion graphics, proceduralism, Houdini, tech art, webdev

2017: Gamedev, 3D modeling, animation & rigging, tech art

2016: Gamedev, 3D modeling, texturing, animation & rigging

2015: Gamedev, digital painting & sculpting, 3D modeling, design & concept art

2014: First steps in digital painting, 3D modeling, gamedev, tech art