On personal websites
30 Nov 2020

Are personal websites still relevant in 2020 when social media exists? Don’t know, don’t care, bored of that discussion. They might be and I need a place to put some thoughts out.

Imroving my discoverability and marketing as a freelance developer and artist has been on my mind for a while now, and writing and publishing more has been one potential way to push that. Thus, I’m happy to have taken a step forward in the form of this blog and a website update.

On a related note: over the years I’ve read about and tested enough frontend frameworks, static site generators (SSG), content management systems (CMS) and other blogging related technologies to find this image quite funny:

(From a webcomic by Rakhim: Blogging vs. blog setups)

This site is self-built and at one point in life I would have identified with both “Moved from Jekyll to Hugo” and “My mobile git workflow” to some extent. I even thought of writing my own C++ SSG. Nowadays I prefer tools-don’t-matter. I would like to shift the focus even further to impact over tools and I expect to move left and up on this graph over time.

Tooling is still interesting to some, though, so I shall mention that the core building blocks of this website are Hugo, TailwindCSS, npm and Netlify.

If you have a project in mind that would benefit of someone with chops in software development (graphics/rendering, web frontend, games, AR, VR), an eye for design as well as practical skills and production experience in creating still & moving visuals, feel free to email/DM me. See the About page for details.