May 2020

In Spring 2020 I had a change to get familiar with the OpenFrameworks programming environment, which lead to the creation of an artsy app thing dubbed WANDERERS. It allows you to observe the life of little wanderers bustling about through their daily activities. If you so choose, you can also thoroughly disrupt them trough your interactions, much to the surprise of those little creatures.

The wandering wanderers occupy two different organically evolving worlds. They can be interactively guided and gathered using mouse/touch input. WANDERERS was made on an Aalto University course called Generative Media Coding.

WANDERERS was exhibited on Aalto Media Lab Spring Demo Day 2020.

Wanderers utilizes an OpenFrameworks addon called ofxPlayground, which I wrote during the course. See the GitHub page for more info (link below). There you can also find the app version of WANDERERS for macOS, that you can run yourself.


Course instructor: Nuno Correia

Tech: OpenFrameworks (C++)

Github repository: github.com/emllnd/wanderers-release

Thanks for watching!