Cocoa VFX & Post

September 2018

These projects were created during my time at Cocoa (, working as a part of the post production & visual effects team. A lot of what I did there was invisible cleanup and animation work, but there were some more visible tasks as well!


Varjo // Resolution Revolution

My contribution: CGI aircraft @ 1:05-1:17

Animation, shading/rendering, compositing.

Other post credits (aircraft shot) --- Supervision & Cleanup: Arttu Rautio. Flame sim & render: Tuomo Kujala. Grade: Joni Kuusisto. Full credits on Vimeo:


The focus pull & mega closeup were quite a challenge when it comes to texture detail and managing render times.


Had help with the flames, the sim elevated the shot quite a bit compared to my rudimentary tests. Thank you Tuomo!

Varjo // Resolution Revolution // Full film below

HSL // Osta iisimmin

My contribution: Mountain backdrop @0:20-0:30

Matte painting, compositing.

Other post credits --- Cleanup: Jonas Bohman. Tracking: Henri Laurikka. Grade: Joni Kuusisto.


Beside matte painting and regular comp like masking/roto/defocus and such, I was also tasked with slowing down his blink --- fun times!


Left: After matte painting, comp & grade // Right: Original footage


HSL // Osta iisimmin // Full film below


Cheek // Valot Sammuu

My contribution: Compositing the distant valley set extension @ 0:00-0:08

Other post credits --- Matte painting: Hanna-Leena Kartano. Smoke/comp/more: Jonas Bohman. Grade: Joni Kuusisto.


Cheek // Valot Sammuu // Full film below


Valio // Jäätelöfabriikki

My contribution: Ceiling extension @ 0:02

Matte painting & compositing.

Other post credits --- Grade: Joni Kuusisto.


Left: After painting/cleanup & comp // Right: Original footage


Valio // Jäätelöfabriikki // Full film below

Thanks for watching!